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Klinger McFry

Americana music has a new name and that name is "Klinger-McFry". Playing songs that range from Hank Williams Sr. to Fleetwood Mac, the band puts their own twist on classic songs from all genres of music. "We like to take songs that people know but maybe haven't heard in a while and do them Klinger-McFry style" says the band. "In short, that means doing them our way." So far, that seems to be a recipe for success. That recipe involves musical ingredients like bluegrass, cajun, rock, celtic, swing, country, gospel and mariachi. If you throw them all in a pot, stir them up real good, you'll get a delicious helping of Klinger-McFry. The members of Klinger-McFry -Dan KLINGER on violin, mandolin and vocals; Rich MCCauslin on guitar and vocals; Charlie FRY on bass, mandolin and vocals; and John Tschop on keyboards, penny whistle, bodhran and vocals - bring over 100 years of experience to the musical table and are a 'must have' for any event. You won't be disappointed.

*Note to our loyal fans - Our band will be 'dis-banding' as of December 31, 2015. It has been a long, fun-filled ride with all of you, but we feel that it is better to end on a high, then fade away sadly.

Thank you all for your love and support over the past 6 years. We have truly enjoyed bringing our style of music to all of you and have loved your constant support and enthusiam for our shows. You will be seeing some of us still playing in other groups and perhaps even a reunion tour in a few years.

Our best wishes for all of you,

Charlie, Dan, Rick and John